Who is Krishna

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Lord Sri Krishna is popularly known as, the charming blue bodied, flute bearing God who appeared on this planet about five thousand years ago to destroy the demons and reestablish religion. His glory is widespread as the disseminator of the matchless spiritual wisdom – Srimad Bhagavad-gita and performer of innumerable divine pastimes.

The true identity of Lord Krishna is not limited to just being a God with unmatched mystical power.The Vedic scriptures repeatedly assert that Krishna is ‘Bhagavan’ – the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the original source of all material and spiritual worlds. He is the original source of all the Gods, demigods and living entities. He is the master and Supreme controller of all that be.

The word ‘Bhagavan’ means one who is complete in six opulences – strength, intelligence, wealth, beauty, fame and renunciation. A person who has any of these opulences becomes attractive for others, and greater the opulence, the more attractive is the person. Lord Krishna alone has all these opulences in unlimited quantity, and thus, He is the supreme attractive.  The word ‘Krishna’ itself means ‘all-attractive’. Krishna being the possessor of unlimited strength, intelligence, wealth, beauty, fame and renunciation, attracts everyone.

The original form of God 5000 years ago Lord Krishna appeared in His original, eternal form to perform various pastimes or lilas. Vedic scriptures state that ‘ishvarah paramah Krishna sacchidanand vigrahah’ – the Supreme Lord is Sri Krishna and His body in as eternal form of complete bliss and knowledge. God is not formless, but the two handed, blue colored, flute bearing form of Lord Krishna is the original ever-existing form of God. The form of the Lord is not transient like ours – it is ever existing. Whenever Lord incarnates, He becomes visible to our eyes and after finishing His earthly pastimes He disappears from our vision. Just like the Sun doesn’t die, it just appears and disappears before us at dawn and dusk.